Vancil Home Improvements


We strive to be the most professional, creative and honest home improvement business in Southern Illinois. We have a passion to perform well. We love using the best tools on the market. We love being extremely organized and maintaining a clean, efficient job site. We love being punctual and putting in an honest days work. But most of all, we absolutely love making our customers smile. That may sound like a "no-brainer" for a business whose goal is to succeed, but in today's home improvement environment, it is not the norm.


You may have heard the saying, "Do it right the first time, or not at all". Well, that is easier said than done, and rarely implemented these days. Our main priority is to provide the best customer experience and end result money can buy, while maintaining a high quality reputation each and every day. That takes time and effort. We focus on the details of a project many contractors overlook, or simply don't care about, because there is a good chance you wouldn't even notice. But we do. And those details make all the difference between a decent result and an incredible one. 

Conclusion: When you partner with Vancil Home Improvements, we guarantee you will receive more than you expected. Every time. 


Remodeling + Design/Build  Woodworking



From kitchens and bathrooms, to a whole house remodel, we have the expertise to lead nearly any remodel or renovation project you have in mind. Remodels and renovations take careful planning and execution in order to run smoothly. We are your turn-key contractor in Southern Illinois.

Once a design or plan is in place, demo begins. Dust needs to be carefully controlled and debris needs to be disposed of in an efficient manner. Almost every surface and element of a given room gets updated or changed during a project, and the process is just as important to us as the end result.


Constant communication and coordination is extremely important to minimize the impact on your daily lives as the work is being completed. We maintain a clean and organized work environment during the project and our expertise guarantees you will receive a beautiful end result - adding value and functionality to your home.

DADS BBQ 1.jpg


I love the design/build process. Creating a design on paper then watching it come to life through hard work and proper planning is something I am truly passionate about. Over the last 15 years I have designed and built custom BBQ's, decks, cedar pergolas, outdoor furniture, built in shelving and cabinets, and much more. If you have an idea for a custom project around your home, chances are we can help.



Taking a piece of raw wood and turning it into a functional work of art is a humbling and extremely rewarding process for me. I treat each piece of furniture that moves through my shop as though I am building it for my own family with the intention of passing it down for generations to come. When I build you a custom piece of furniture, you not only will receive a piece to enjoy for your lifetime, but you can also rejoice in knowing you can pass it down to your loved ones. 

Whether you are in need of a custom piece of furniture, shelving or built-in's for a current remodel project, or searching for that perfect dining room table, I can make it happen.