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First and foremost, we are a small family business with roots right here in Southern Illinois. I am passionate about what I do and aim to exceed your expectations.


My first memory of working with my hands and messing around with tools was when I was a kid in my Grandpa's wood shop. Pounding nails into scrap pieces of wood wasn't really building, but the seed was being planted.


Fast forward 20 years - I graduated from University of Illinois in 2003 with a degree in landscape Architecture. I spent the next ten years (five running my own business) designing and building numerous high-end landscape and hardscape projects in both South Carolina and Southern Illinois. While this field was rewarding, there was something missing. 

In 2014, I started to gravitate to woodworking and carpentry, and soon realized I needed to switch the focus of my business. I learned that there was such a huge demand for a reliable home improvement business in the area that it only made sense to take the risk and dive right in. Starting off with small, handyman type projects, we have quickly evolved into a home improvement business that specializes in top-quality remodel and custom construction projects. Basically, you could call us a "niche" business, because there really is no others like us in the area. 

We promise to be upfront and honest, while providing unmatched workmanship and customer service. When you work with us, it will be obvious why we stand out from the crowd in Southern Illinois.

- Justin Vancil

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