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Modern Design Bathroom


Considering a bathroom remodel? Check out our process below to get up to speed on this popular home improvement project.

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Planning Phase

1-3 weeks

The planning phase of your bathroom remodel is one of the most important parts of the project. This is where all design elements get chosen including shower and/or tub style, flooring, vanity lighting and paint colors. On top of that, there are choices to be made about relocating electrical outlets and plumbing. In most cases, the existing plumbing can be used with only minor modifications. No matter the situation, we work with local pros that can make it happen.

At this time, we always recommend visiting local lumber yards and kitchen / bath design centers to familiarize yourself with the product options available. Showers can be tile, or manufactured panels that resemble marble and stone. Details can be added to create a look all your own. We love to get creative, so now is the time to explore all design options.


We are always available during this phase of the project to discuss estimated costs, design ideas and logistics.

Demolition day(s)

1-2 days

Once a solid plan is in place and an estimate has been agreed on, the fun begins. Forget what you've seen on HGTV where a mob of pumped up amateurs go to town with sledgehammers and rip that bathroom to sheds in minutes. Not reality. Not gonna happen. We have a much more surgical approach to demolition. You might call it methodical, even. It's a big deal to us that we protect adjoining spaces that are not being effected by construction. Dust can travel, and we do our best to contain and eliminate it. A dumpster and/or dump trailer will be on site to haul away all debris.

In many cases we will recommend fully gutting your bathroom down to the studs. This allows us to make sure each wall is plumb and the floor and ceiling are flat. Depending on the situation, a full gut may not be necessary, and only minor work to the walls, floor and ceiling will need to be done. Either way, after demo day, we typically move on to the shower.

Shower installation

2-6 days

Tile, manufactured marble or a shower insert? Cost and styles of showers vary significantly, so your budget will dictate which style you go with. Removing an old tub or shower and replacing it with a 3 piece shower insert is the most cost effective option. Followed by manufactured marble and tile. Tile will be the most expensive due to its labor intensiveness. Manufactured marble is a great option that carries a lifetime warrantee and is relatively simple to install.

Here are a few links to products we like using. 

Manufactured marble showers and vanity tops:   Onyx

Waterproofing systems behind tile shower walls: Schluter Shower        

Regardless of the shower type, the first goal is to get the floor below the shower level, if it is not presently. Shower inserts and manufactured marble can take a day or two to install, and tile showers will generally take about a week from start to finish depending on size and complexity.


1-2 days

New lighting and exhaust vent? Now would be the time to reposition or add outlets. New lighting is pretty much a given, and it's always a good idea to take a look at the exhaust fan (if there is one at all) and either update it or install a new one. Other than that, the electrical work should be minor and only take a couple of days to complete.

Drywall & Paint

4-6 days

Time to cover up the work we just did. This phase is great because it's the first time you get the feeling like, "Ahh, they are finally making some progress. It's starting to look like something!" We get it. It can be stressful to see a part of your home ripped apart and thrown away, but now you can start to see the light at the end of the tunnel. In a few days we will be out of your hair!

But first, drywall. This phase is different in that you most likely won't see us on site all day like you did in the previous phases. Once the drywall is hung, we will be onsite approximately 1-3 hours a day for 3-4 days. That is because each coat of drywall "mud" requires about a day to dry before we sand it the next morning. Once those walls are nice and smooth, we'll paint them whatever color your heart desires!


1-4 days

DITRA 1.jpg

Give your feet something nice to walk on. We generally recommend tile for bathroom flooring, but there are other options available such as peel and stick vinyl tiles, glue down vinyl tiles, and LVP (luxury vinyl planks). It really comes down to the style and design you like best. Under our tile floors, we use a special membrane called DITRA. 

The Home Stretch

2 days

Almost there...! After flooring is complete, you can consider us in the home stretch. We are down to the last few items. Below is a list of what we need to complete your in your bathroom.

1) Install medicine cabinet / mirror, lighting, exhaust fan and crown moulding.

2) Install vanity, faucet and hook up / test water lines.

3) Install door casing and baseboards.

4) Install glass shower door (if applicable)

5) Set toilet.

6) Wipe everything down and walk away!

Pack up our trailer

1 hour

Well, we made it through it together! One of the best parts of any remodel project is getting to know our customers. We spend days, even weeks at a time in your home and we love getting to know you better. It's the personal element we enjoy so much about this trade, and it's what keeps us pushing to provided better customer experiences.

Thank you, we are very grateful for your business!

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