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Considering a kitchen remodel? Check out our process below to get up to speed on this popular home improvement project.

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Planning Phase

2-8 weeks

The planning phase of your kitchen remodel is one of the most important parts of the project. This is where all design elements get chosen including cabinets, flooring, countertops, appliances, lighting and paint colors, to name a few. On top of that, there are choices to be made about relocating walls, electrical outlets and plumbing. If appliances need to be moved, there is a good chance plumbing and electrical modifications will need to be made. No worries. We work with local pros that can handle any situation.

At this time, we always recommend visiting local lumber yards and kitchen / bath design centers to familiarize yourself with the product options available. Let your mind run free and begin to explore the nearly endless design options. The number of choices can be overwhelming, so meeting with an expert will help guide your choices as far as cabinets, flooring and fixtures are concerned. Most of these businesses offer free design services, so we recommend taking advantage! We are always available during this phase of the project to discuss estimated costs, design ideas and logistics.

Demolition Day(s)

1-3 days

Once a solid plan is in place and an estimate has been agreed on, the fun begins. Forget what you've seen on HGTV where a mob of pumped up amateurs go to town with sledgehammers and destroy that kitchen in minutes with everything they've got. Not reality. Not gonna happen. We have a much more surgical approach to demolition. You might call it methodical, even. It's a big deal to us that we protect adjoining spaces that are not being effected by construction. Dust can travel, and we do our best to contain and eliminate it. A dumpster and/or dump trailer will be on site to haul away all debris.

Many times, it is to both parties advantage to fully gut the space down to the studs and start fresh. Most homes, especially older homes, will have walls that aren't plumb and floors that aren't level. Getting these perfect will in turn effect the outcome of each additional element down the line. If we don't need to fully gut the space, good for us. Just keep in mind it may be the best option for an exceptional outcome.

Add / Remove walls

1-5 days

Do you want to add, remove, or relocate walls? Special consideration needs to be taken when removing any walls, as they may be load bearing. If they are not, they can be removed in order to open up the space. Any new walls can be framed now, keeping in mind the locations of future electric and plumbing lines.

Electrical & Plumbing 

1 week(ish)

Appliances moving location? New lighting?  In almost every kitchen remodel appliances will shift locations, and there is always new lighting. That means plumbing and electrical work begins. We work with local pros to make sure this phase of the project runs smoothly. Many times on older homes, electrical boxes and receptacles will need to be replaced. Almost always, receptacles and switches will need to be relocated to accommodate an appliance or new lighting arrangement.

Drywall & Painting

1-2 weeks

Time to cover up the work we just did. This phase is great because it's the first time you get the feeling like, "Ahh, they are finally making some progress. It's starting to look like something!" We get it. It can be stressful to see the heart of your home ripped apart and thrown away, but now you can start to see the light at the end of the tunnel. We still have a road ahead of us, but the mess has been made and cleaned up, so we can move on to the the brand new shiny stuff.

But first, drywall. This phase is different in that you most likely won't see us on site all day like you did in the previous phases. Once the drywall is hung, we will be onsite approximately 1-3 hours a day for 3-4 days. That is because each coat of drywall "mud" requires about a day to dry before we sand it the next morning. Once those walls are nice and smooth, we'll paint them whatever color your heart desires!


2-5 days

Give your feet something nice to walk on. In most cases, we will opt to install the flooring before cabinets. This way, we can extend the flooring all the way to the walls, eliminating any need for quarter round or other extra trim pieces along the base of the cabinets. It's is also a good selling point if and when you ever list your home for sale. The exception to this would be if we are installing large format tile. In that case, we may wait until cabinets are installed in order to save material and labor cost on the installation.

A great choice for kitchen flooring is LVP or "Luxury Vinyl Plank" flooring. It is nearly 100% waterproof and most companies offer an attractive 15-30 year residential warrantee. If your budgets allows, tile is also a great option for your kitchen. There are a few more steps involved in laying tile, but the results will be worth it. 

As soon as the flooring is installed, we will install protective floor covering on top in order to prevent all scratches and potential damage by future work.

Cabinet installation

2-5 days

We are getting so close you can taste it! After flooring come cabinets. Cabinets are usually the biggest expense in a kitchen remodel. It's is important not to buy the cheapest cabinets in an effort to save money. Cheap, poorly made cabinets will start to give you problems after a couple years and will only cause more headache in the long run. High quality hinges and materials are super important. The phrase, "spend it once, cry once" applies here. Step up and save for a decent quality cabinets. You will not regret it.

Cabinets are the first thing that should be ordered for your kitchen remodel. In our experience, they may take anywhere from 6-10 weeks to build and deliver. Start early and take your time in order to make sure you get the style you want within the time frame you are hoping for. 


2-4 weeks lead time

1-2 days to install

This is a fun part. After all the commotion, countertops going in means we are rounding the corner to the finish line. Countertops are usually installed by the manufacturer. We will be on site as necessary to aid in the installation, but in most cases we leave this step to them. As with cabinets and flooring, there are a ton of options for kitchen countertops. Marble, quartz and granite are just a few. We can also make beautiful butcher block style countertops that look amazing on a center island. Whichever way you choose to go, just know that we are getting closer to turning the keys to your kitchen over to you!

Need more counter or gathering space? Consider installing an island. An island is also a great location for a second sink. A second sink can become indispensable if you plan to do a lot of prep work and cooking.

Here's the rub - countertops can be measured for once cabinets are installed. But, they will generally take 2-4 weeks to manufacture and install. During this time we will continue to work on the next steps of the project.

Finish carpentry

1-2 weeks

How creative do you want to be? Finish carpentry includes all of the "trim" involved in the project, along with any other custom woodworking that is desired required. Trim includes baseboards, window and door casing, as well as crown moulding. We can also install custom wainscoting to add an extra design element to a breakfast nook. We thrive at finish carpentry and love getting creative with our clients. In our fully equipped wood shop we can make almost any detail element you can imagine to create the perfect look for your kitchen. 

There are lots of styles to consider when choosing a trim package for your remodel. This is a great time for us to get together and go over options, since we will be leading the design and installation of this phase.

Tile backsplash

2-5 days

You've gone this far, why not add a little wow factor with a tile backsplash? Whether you choose a simple subway tile or a more intricate design, a tile backsplash is both beautiful and functional. They look great and protect the walls behind your countertop from everyday wear and tear. Tile backsplashes are a quick, cost effective way to really add character and value to your kitchen.

Appliances & sink

1-3 days

Fire up the oven and let the water flow! Well, don't fire up the oven yet, just imagine it. Over the next couple of days appliances will be set and hooked up. This is where all of the prior planning of electrical and plumbing comes into play. If we did your job right, each appliance should slide right into place without a hitch. We will install the sink, hook up the plumbing and test the water supply. 

Appliances, like cabinets, should be ordered several weeks in advance - It's good practice to go ahead and order both groups at the same time. The kitchen designer will need to know which appliances you'll be using so the layout and sizes of the cabinets coordinate correctly. Get all of the appliances figured out ahead of time when ordering cabinets and everything will mesh wonderfully.

Punch list

1-5 days

Your kitchen looks finished...almost. The final punch list is a list of small items that still need to be completed. It's the last few things we need to complete before you get to kick us out of your house! Items may include:

Caulking and paint touch ups

Double checking all water supply lines and valves

Installing cabinet door and drawer pulls

Adjusting cabinet doors

Vacuum and wipe down all cabinets, countertops, trim and flooring

Other tasks may apply depending on the scope of the project.

Pack up our trailer

1 hour

Well, we made it through it together! One of the best parts of any remodel project is getting to know our customers. We spend weeks at a time in your home and we love getting to know you better. It's the personal element we enjoy so much about this trade, and it's what keeps us pushing to provided better  customer experiences.

Thank you, we are very grateful for your business!

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